Dead Washing machine delivered

Anirban Chanda asked 1 week ago

This is very unfortunate to share that I have purchased an IFB washing machine from KHOSLA ELECTRONICS PVT LTD, Srirampur, Hooghly branch on 27.05.2018 which has been delivered after 10 days in my home. Then after calling in the IFB customer care no for several times and INVITING them to come and install the product, I have got the privilege of welcoming them on 07.06.2018. They have discovered that the machine is dead and the Spin is not at all working and the product will be replaced within 3-4 working days. Still I am waiting to receive the same.
This sort of carelessness from a reputed company like IFB is not expected. 

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sita answered 1 week ago

if they are not coming then you should visit the store from where you have purchased the machine and tell them to replace it. 
IF he don’t co-operate then you should make a complaint against him. He/she could lose his dealership with ifb.

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